Top 5 Zombies Movies You Cannot Miss

Top 5 Zombies Movies You Cannot Miss

You secretly can’t wait for a zombie apocalypse to happen because you know exactly what you will do? Well, same. Watching zombie movies has prepared all of us for the zombie apocalypse that 99.99% won’t ever happen but the 0.01% possibility enthralls us thoroughly. That is why zombie apocalypse movies are so popular as people watch them with a lot of thrill and excitement. There is something so uniquely stimulating about watching humans fight these rabid brain eating creatures on the big screen while we are sitting comfortably in the safety of our homes or the theatre. 

For all these zombie freaks who cannot get enough of these zombie apocalypse movies, we have a selection of the best 10 zombie movies of all time. 

Night of the Living Dead

The leading movie in this list has to be the oldest or the first movie featuring zombies that was ever released. This top spot isn’t given to it only because of its age. This movie directed by George Romero was brilliant in all respects including good editing, great script and amazing acting despite the technological deficiencies and limited budget that the people had during those days. A true reflection of its time this movie represented the unrest that was prevailing in the world during that time through the violence that was instigated in a world overrun by zombies.

Day of the Dead

One of the absolute must watch for zombie freaks has to be Day of the Dead, often referred to as the best zombie apocalypse movie of all time. A production of George Romero with Italian horror king Dario Argento, this film was described as a “tragedy about how a lack of human communication causes chaos and collapse even in this small little pie slice of society.” This movie did not receive immediate monetary or critical success however overtime it became a rage for all people who enjoy post-apocalyptic movies. 

World War Z

Possibly the most well known out of the list, World War Z is the movie we deserved. Despite all talks about it deviating from the book it was inspired from, this movie still managed to gather a huge worldwide audience which absolutely fell in love with the movie. The brilliant set, the believable action scenes, the spectacular acting; everything worked out in the favor of this film. 

Dead Alive

This movie is a masterpiece in itself. Director of the film, Peter Jackson exceeded all expectations with the creation of this sick, twisted and gory film which satiated the monster that lives inside us. By delivering top quality scenes which would make any sane man puke their guts out, this movie deserves a watch at any cost. Rivers of blood, a woman nursing a little zombie baby and many other such outlandish imaginations of the writer were given a creative presentation on the big screen. It is not a movie for the weak hearted, so if you struggle watching a gory film munch on some edibles and only then watch it. 

28 Weeks Later

28 Weeks Later is hands down the most realistic zombie movie ever made. A sequel to 28 days later, this movie was successful in carrying on the legend of the “infected” in a world which is chaotic and incomplete. Revolving around an animal rights activist group which breaks into a research facility and frees some monkeys, the “zombie virus” spreads like wildfire throughout the country. The zombies in this film are super fast and aggressive and quite noisy. The scariest part about this movie’s virus is that it is the most realistic concept for a zombie apocalypse yet.