High And Bored In Quarantine? Here’s How You Can Fight Your Boredom!

Are you high and bored and stuck at your home? Are you thinking what could be fun in this time where we have almost nothing to do? Here are some of our tips to make your days and high better.

The coronavirus has sneaked into our lifestyles and disrupted our natural course. We can no longer meet our friends and have interesting conversations.  Involving friends and relatives to deal with your boredom will be a risk for all of you.

So, find out which tip combats your boredom.

Movie Night

Don’t you like movies? It is even more fun when you are high. Movies are fun, whether or not we are under quarantine! Staying light-headed and enjoying great movies is fun!

But here is a catch. You do not have to watch movies alone. You can always have a Netflix Party- where every one of you can watch the same movie at the same time.

There are classic movies for stoners that make high experience even better. Movies like Dazed and Confused or The Big Lebowski are one of the best movies for stoners. However, other movies will do. Choose by everyone’s consent.

Straight-faced Stoner

It is difficult to keep a straight face when you are stoned. So, how about you call up our friends and have a group video call at Zoom or Skype. The rules of this game will be simple.

Before starting the game, decide what the penalty in this game will be. Once everyone is good and high, your task is to keep a straight-faced during the entire video call. The first one to break this rule will have to pay a penalty to the group.

Never Have I Ever

Another fun option of the game is “Never Have I Ever”. You already know the rules, I guess. To begin with the game, start with a simple statement like, “Never have I ever… bunked out of school”. So, whoever bunk out of school will have to take a toke up! Then the next person says another statement, “Never Have I Ever…”, and the game goes on.

You will learn so much about each other and each toke up will light you up. To make it more interesting, you can bring more embarrassing situations to have the best of your entertaining hours.

Stoner Video Games

Video games are fun whether played alone or with friends. Any video game with good graphics will do. Pick something which is visually stunning as it will be even better when you are high. Games like Grand Theft Auto, Firewatch, Skyrim, Bioshock, or Fallout.

However, if you are planning to play with some friends, set up some ground rules before starting. Decide on what actions, what penalty is to be levied.  Or maybe whoever wins the game will have to take a decided penalty, maybe have to take a bong hit.


It is a grayscale puzzle video game. Limbo is a great work of smoke and mirrors with an eerie and haunting environment. Play it yourself and it will surely bring new possibilities in your life. Set a rule that every time you fail to complete the puzzle or die, take a toke.


Skribbl is an easy, fun, and enlightening game to enjoy with your friends. So, gather up 5 to 6 friends and start scribbling.

The game is simple. One player will scribble the word given and the rest of them have to guess the word. The best part of this game- it is a browser game! So you do not have to close your video call. Just create a private room and send the invite link to your friends.

Card Against Humanity

Make fun scenarios with these card games. The game has two sets of cards- black and white. The white ones are the given scenario or a question, while black ones are the answers. Each card has different questions, and players pick up the funniest answer to that question.

Ask all your friends and create a private room to play the “Card Against Humanity” game. See, who gives the funniest answer each round. To make it more interesting, ask the funniest player of one round to take up a toke.