How to Get Over Phone Addiction?

Phones have made life easier and difficult at the same time. I can bet you have been using your phone all day, avoiding all the work, and now on your phone itself you searched ‘how to stop using phone too much’. We all have been there. It is ironic and concerning. So here we are to eliminate the concern and “too much” phone from your lifestyle. These little changes might help.

Uninstall Social Media

Uninstall Social Media

Social media is the reason why most of us are hooked on our smartphones. So, the first thing that you need to do in order to leave your phones is delete all the applications that you are used to using mindlessly. Anything you believe can consume your time without you even realizing is a distraction that needs to be removed entirely. No pushing notifications off is going to work here. I get it, you have friends that you interact with all the time, but aren’t you guys only sharing reels and meme content back and forth most of the time? Well, sorry for bursting your bubble but that is not a conversation and sharing reels should not be a priority.

Keep Your Phone Screen Side Down

Even if you don’t have any apps or you are certain that there is no chance that a notification will pop up, an unintentional touch on the screen is enough for its screen to light up and attract you for I don’t know what. These minor distractions are enough to create a major distraction. Either you will start scrolling through your phone or maybe start thinking about something other than work that needs to be done. Either way, you are getting distracted. This is a case scenario when we are certain that there will be no notification. Now imagine the distraction if you get notification or a call. It is better to keep the screen side of the phone down in order to avoid getting tempted.

Avoid Bringing Phone in Bed

Avoid Bringing Phone in Bed

We go through our phones the most when we are in bed. Be it at night or first thing in the morning. Compare that screen time with the screen time when you are not in bed. It is easier to spend more time on the phone when you are in bed because during that time your mind believes you are free and you have all the time in the world. In addition to that, bedtime scrolling always seems like just 5 minutes. Even if you have been scrolling for the past 30 minutes you won’t realize that you have already wasted that much time. And the worst part? Even when you realize you have been using your phone for a long time and you decide to leave it, within a minute or two you will end up picking the phone again.  That happens because it is accessible. So, make a habit of not bringing the phone in bed. Bedtime should be rest time, you need to relax and the phone is not going to help you with that in any way.

Keep Phone at Distance When Working

When you are working on something that’s important but boring or difficult for you, there is a chance that even keeping the screen side down won’t help you. This is when keeping your phone at distance, out of your reach is recommended.

The worst thing about mindless scrolling is that it strikes when we are in the middle of the most important task. Have you experienced this? You are working on an assignment or a project that needs to be submitted by the end of the day but it is difficult and the deadline is making you anxious so you pick up your phone and start searching and exploring random content. Even if it is related to the project, it may not help you in the best way possible and you already know that. We all have been there.

Make Time for Screen

Make Time for Screen

Now, in order to avoid excess use of the phone, you do not have to completely remove it from your life and routine. Instead, it is important to dedicate a time specifically for the screen so that your body and mind gets used to it. During this time as well, try to avoid mindless scrolling. Instead, invest this time in doing something productive. No, you don’t necessarily have to read books or enroll in online courses. Even talking to a friend, once in a while, sharing your moments, listening to theirs is important and productive, playing a game that tickles your brain cells is also productive, watching content that helps you become a better person is also productive. Check out these Minecraft Survival Servers if you like playing minecraft.

What We Know About Sleepwalking and How to Curb It

What We Know About Sleepwalking and How to Curb It

The way that sleepwalking is portrayed in television and the big screen is a very prejudiced approach to what people often associate with sleepwalkers. They are generally left for people with a disturbed mental awareness and worse is often shown with the perpetual straight arms parallel to the ground (imitating a zombie!)

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Lifestyle Changes You Can Adopt For Improving Your Overall Health

Lifestyle Changes You Can Adopt For Improving Your Overall Health

A healthy lifestyle is linked with engrossing in activities that improve your overall well being. Critical health numbers such as, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body weight are taken into account which ensures sound health.

However, living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always come easy. And demands consistent efforts and lifestyle changes in order to receive long term effects. Things like the best delta-8 carts can only help that much.

It’s hard to break habits sometimes, but taking one step at a time to build a healthy routine would add up over time.

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4 Genuine Must Know Benefits of Water Softening

Process of water softening

One of the best ways to protect water streams from pollution is by keeping the source safe. In cities, litter and other trash sweep through the cracks and enter water bodies. Litter from yards and streets flow into nearby drains during rains. As a result, the chemicals and other pollutants cause harm to the environment and water. That’s just one case, the groundwater contains calcium, magnesium and other elements. Resulting in hard water, this reduces the lifetime of water pipes, causes white spots on dishes and clothes and causes various health problems. 

Metal ions like calcium and magnesium can lead to galvanic corrosion. That is why industries use the best water softener plants, it’s a process of removing calcium and magnesium from water. 

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How To Take Care Of Your Hair During The Lock-down

As all of you must have already figured out, more than 20% of the world’s total population has been confined to their homes due to the ongoing coronavirus.  Or if you want a numeric figure one in five people all over the world is stuck at home, maintaining social distancing and shielding themselves from this potentially fatal virus. 

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High And Bored In Quarantine? Here’s How You Can Fight Your Boredom!

Are you high and bored and stuck at your home? Are you thinking what could be fun in this time where we have almost nothing to do? Here are some of our tips to make your days and high better.

The coronavirus has sneaked into our lifestyles and disrupted our natural course. We can no longer meet our friends and have interesting conversations.  Involving friends and relatives to deal with your boredom will be a risk for all of you.

So, find out which tip combats your boredom.

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Can You Contract Coronavirus Infection From Food?

Food is the essence of life. It’s a source of energy that helps everyone to survive. And with the ongoing COVID situation, the importance of food has grown exponentially. But, no matter what anyone thinks, I am sure the thought might have crossed your mind. 

  • Can I catch coronavirus through food?
  • Should I avoid going to grocery stores?
  • Will a takeout make me susceptible to the COVID infection?
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How is Gardening Beneficial For Your Mind And Body During COVID-19 Pandemic?

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the role of gardening is not only to make your house look greener or appealing. Embracing the existence of plants alone can do wonders for your well-being, scientific studies suggest. Physical activity contributes to a healthy body, and the interaction with flora improves mental health. Undoubtedly, nature has a significant impact on health and wellness. Isn’t that we aspire for amid the fears of the growing pandemic? Again, it’s not surprising that the cortisol levels go down if you are in a green environment. So, roll up your sleeves this summer and enjoy the benefits to the fullest during the ongoing pandemic. 

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