5 Most Recognisable Memes on the Internet

5 Most Recognisable Memes on the Interne

Memes form an irrevocable bond with how we express our inner self online. The fact that it just takes a picture with some lines on it, to craft an entire story. With so little information on it, you get a whirlpool of emotions you find yourself riding on. That is what memes have done to us, we get an additive to the emotions we try to express. Even the Oxford Dictionary describes the word ‘meme’ as an image, video / gif or text that are humorous and spread through the internet rapidly. We should enjoy laughter more and others should indulge in other healthy practises. Learn more about how medical marijuana can be good for you. 

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7 Sentences That Can Change the Way You See Life

7 Sentences That Can Change the Way You See Life

Life lessons don’t have to be written in the form of books and manuscripts. Even one sentence, or who knows, even a word can teach you something crazy that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Here are 10 sentences that I read somewhere and could not get over. Not only were they very motivational and inspiring for me as a young struggler, they showed me a reality that I was never able to see on my own.

Some  of them may be enlightening while some may come as a shock but all of them can drastically change your life for the good if you allow them to.

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What We Know About Sleepwalking and How to Curb It

What We Know About Sleepwalking and How to Curb It

The way that sleepwalking is portrayed in television and the big screen is a very prejudiced approach to what people often associate with sleepwalkers. They are generally left for people with a disturbed mental awareness and worse is often shown with the perpetual straight arms parallel to the ground (imitating a zombie!)

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Top 5 Zombies Movies You Cannot Miss

Top 5 Zombies Movies You Cannot Miss

You secretly can’t wait for a zombie apocalypse to happen because you know exactly what you will do? Well, same. Watching zombie movies has prepared all of us for the zombie apocalypse that 99.99% won’t ever happen but the 0.01% possibility enthralls us thoroughly. That is why zombie apocalypse movies are so popular as people watch them with a lot of thrill and excitement. There is something so uniquely stimulating about watching humans fight these rabid brain eating creatures on the big screen while we are sitting comfortably in the safety of our homes or the theatre. 

For all these zombie freaks who cannot get enough of these zombie apocalypse movies, we have a selection of the best 10 zombie movies of all time. 

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4 Genuine Must Know Benefits of Water Softening

Process of water softening

One of the best ways to protect water streams from pollution is by keeping the source safe. In cities, litter and other trash sweep through the cracks and enter water bodies. Litter from yards and streets flow into nearby drains during rains. As a result, the chemicals and other pollutants cause harm to the environment and water. That’s just one case, the groundwater contains calcium, magnesium and other elements. Resulting in hard water, this reduces the lifetime of water pipes, causes white spots on dishes and clothes and causes various health problems. 

Metal ions like calcium and magnesium can lead to galvanic corrosion. That is why industries use the best water softener plants, it’s a process of removing calcium and magnesium from water. 

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