7 Simple Tips To Secure Your Home From Thieves

Decorating your home is indeed more interesting than setting up security measures for its protection. But, home security should be your priority. You can not stop thieves and burglars from invading a home but can take certain measures to keep them away. If you wonder, how can you protect your home from thieves and burglars? Here, I will be sharing some of the tips that you can follow to secure your home. 

Install a Home Security System

Install a Home Security System

There are various home security options for every budget. Technology has worked a lot to come up with different personal home monitoring devices. You can access these devices on your phone anytime and anywhere. 

Install home security cameras in your home. Security cameras are an important part of the residential security system. They come a long way in securing your home. Here are some of the benefits of installing security cameras. 

  • You can easily monitor the people on the perimeter of your property. 
  • You can keep an eye on your garage and boundary walls.
  • You can easily monitor the points of entry of your home.
  • You can keep a watch on the lawn and parked vehicles. 

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Locking your doors and windows is the very first and primary step to keep them away. These are the common entry points for criminals. Double-check your door before sleeping and stepping out. There are some ways by which you can secure your windows.

  • Use security films to secure your windows. These films are thick and durable.
  • Use glass break sensors. This sensor notifies if someone tries to access your window.
  • Use window bars. You can easily purchase these bars from a store. 
  • Install smart locks. You can schedule your locks to automatically lock at certain times. 
Invest in Good Outdoor Lightning

Invest in Good Outdoor Lightning

Invest in good lighting, it helps to keep criminals away. Invaders avoid well-lighted places, in fact, they don’t like to be in the spotlight. Make sure you keep your front and backyard lighted at night time. Further, you can make your outdoor lightning even more effective by 

  • Installing motion-sensor lights. These lights can detect any activity within the perimeter of 180 degrees. 
  • Install smart outlets for your outdoor device. You can access it from your mobile phone. 
  • Install smart light bulbs that can be scheduled at a certain time. 

Lock Your Garage

Don’t forget to lock your garage. You can also consider keeping a garage door in the house. In this way, you can protect your car. You can also use a security code to open the garage. But make sure that you keep the security code secret and never enter in front of outsiders. Do secure garage doors with extra locks if you are going for a trip. Further, you can protect your garage by installing smart devices such as drive away alarms and home automation. 

Secure Your Wifi Network

Secure Your Wifi Network

Anyone can easily access your personal and financial information through a wireless network. Even if your home is automated, then anyone can break into the house. In this way, criminals can get access to your home. So, make sure you secure your wifi network. There are some tricks to save your network.

  • Secure your wireless router.
  • Enable wifi-protected access and encryption.
  • Use a firewall and antivirus.
  • Create a strong password.

Hire a Residential security Officer

If there is a need for constant supervision then you can hire a residential security officer to protect your home. They are very professional in dealing with such situations. They will also help you to keep a check on househelp and deliveries. You can even ask them to grant entry to an individual being on his list. 

Eliminate All The Hiding Places

Eliminate All The Hiding Places

Trees and shrubs enhance the look of the home garden but they can also provide a handy place for invaders to hide. Use small flowers and bushes. Even if you are growing trees, trim them regularly. 

Put away the large objects such as a ladder, stool, and drums from your lawn. Lock your gate and outhouse. Further, try to keep expensive things away from the display area.

Bottom Line

Now, as you have gone through the above-mentioned tips. Make sure you keep them in mind to protect your house from outsiders, thieves, buglers, and invaders. 

How to Get Over Phone Addiction?

Phones have made life easier and difficult at the same time. I can bet you have been using your phone all day, avoiding all the work, and now on your phone itself you searched ‘how to stop using phone too much’. We all have been there. It is ironic and concerning. So here we are to eliminate the concern and “too much” phone from your lifestyle. These little changes might help.

Uninstall Social Media

Uninstall Social Media

Social media is the reason why most of us are hooked on our smartphones. So, the first thing that you need to do in order to leave your phones is delete all the applications that you are used to using mindlessly. Anything you believe can consume your time without you even realizing is a distraction that needs to be removed entirely. No pushing notifications off is going to work here. I get it, you have friends that you interact with all the time, but aren’t you guys only sharing reels and meme content back and forth most of the time? Well, sorry for bursting your bubble but that is not a conversation and sharing reels should not be a priority.

Keep Your Phone Screen Side Down

Even if you don’t have any apps or you are certain that there is no chance that a notification will pop up, an unintentional touch on the screen is enough for its screen to light up and attract you for I don’t know what. These minor distractions are enough to create a major distraction. Either you will start scrolling through your phone or maybe start thinking about something other than work that needs to be done. Either way, you are getting distracted. This is a case scenario when we are certain that there will be no notification. Now imagine the distraction if you get notification or a call. It is better to keep the screen side of the phone down in order to avoid getting tempted.

Avoid Bringing Phone in Bed

Avoid Bringing Phone in Bed

We go through our phones the most when we are in bed. Be it at night or first thing in the morning. Compare that screen time with the screen time when you are not in bed. It is easier to spend more time on the phone when you are in bed because during that time your mind believes you are free and you have all the time in the world. In addition to that, bedtime scrolling always seems like just 5 minutes. Even if you have been scrolling for the past 30 minutes you won’t realize that you have already wasted that much time. And the worst part? Even when you realize you have been using your phone for a long time and you decide to leave it, within a minute or two you will end up picking the phone again.  That happens because it is accessible. So, make a habit of not bringing the phone in bed. Bedtime should be rest time, you need to relax and the phone is not going to help you with that in any way.

Keep Phone at Distance When Working

When you are working on something that’s important but boring or difficult for you, there is a chance that even keeping the screen side down won’t help you. This is when keeping your phone at distance, out of your reach is recommended.

The worst thing about mindless scrolling is that it strikes when we are in the middle of the most important task. Have you experienced this? You are working on an assignment or a project that needs to be submitted by the end of the day but it is difficult and the deadline is making you anxious so you pick up your phone and start searching and exploring random content. Even if it is related to the project, it may not help you in the best way possible and you already know that. We all have been there.

Make Time for Screen

Make Time for Screen

Now, in order to avoid excess use of the phone, you do not have to completely remove it from your life and routine. Instead, it is important to dedicate a time specifically for the screen so that your body and mind gets used to it. During this time as well, try to avoid mindless scrolling. Instead, invest this time in doing something productive. No, you don’t necessarily have to read books or enroll in online courses. Even talking to a friend, once in a while, sharing your moments, listening to theirs is important and productive, playing a game that tickles your brain cells is also productive, watching content that helps you become a better person is also productive. Check out these Minecraft Survival Servers if you like playing minecraft.

Understand How To Structure Your Business For Success

Ask business leaders how their business is structured and you’ll see a lot of them being confused or unclear about it. Why is that? Well, simply because structuring a business requires more than just investing a heavy chunk of money. It is the reason why a business succeeds or struggles to even survive. 

 And this comes down to the question: What’s the purpose of your business? Is it just a medium to make money or does it follow a set of ethics ? Does it provide value in any sense? 

Well, if you are a newbie or an existing business that has never thought about structuring a business like this, read the points that we have mentioned below. 

Define Your Purpose 

No doubt that money making is the major motivation behind your business but one should never compromise on the major factors : purpose and your own story. 

A business should always follow a structure that defines its ‘why’ for existence and the story it tells to its customers and employees.  Following an ethical structure would always push you higher as a brand. 

Do Your Research Properly 

Do Your Research Properly 

Now, the most important thing to do before even walking on your entrepreneur journey, make sure you do all your research about the options you have. Study the various organizational structures, and see whether your business plan suits your required needs. 

Each structure serves a different purpose. What works for your competitor might not work for you. Be aware and picky when it’s about choosing a business structure. 

Keep it Simple and Original 

Now here’s another important thing. Keep your process simple and original. The simpler your organizational process is, the more your company is likely to flourish. A complex process may invite unnecessary problems for you, increasing the chance of your values being lost in the rut. Always aim to keep the things within the organization simple in a way that it maintains clarity, your vision and values. 

Types of Business Structures 

Types of Business Structures 


A partnership business is popular as the best option for individuals and small businesses with low budgets. A partnership is a type of business structure where there are two or more persons as owners who share the profits and losses. Talking about the tax treatment in partnerships, the partners are taxed only once and not the business itself. 

Sole Proprietorship 

A sole proprietorship, also known as individual entrepreneurship, sole trader, proprietorship, is a type of business structure with a single owner who is liable for all the liabilities incurred by the company. A proprietorship follows pass-through taxation where the business is taxed only once and is passed through the owner. Unlike a corporation, a sole proprietorship is not considered as a separate entity. 

S Corporations 

An S Corp is a legal business entity which is subjected to certain requirements of the Internal Revenue Code to officially establish its existence. An S corp enjoys the regular benefits of a corporation and is exempted from paying federal corporate taxes unlike a C corporation. 

C Corporations 

As per the United States federal income tax law, a C corporation is any business that is taxed separately from its owners. C corps are different from S corps and both enjoy limited liability protection but only C Corps are subject to corporate income taxation. 

What’s the Best Business Structure For You?

Now, that you are aware of all the popular business structures, the question is what’s the best business structure for you? Well, it depends on a bunch of factors including your specific business requirements. So, make sure you perform a rigorous research before choosing any one of the above. Whatever business entity you choose, ensure you that get all the business licenses including a seller’s permit. For instance, if you launch your business in California, you will have to get a California seller’s permit to get started with your market operations. 

5 Most Recognisable Memes on the Internet

5 Most Recognisable Memes on the Interne

Memes form an irrevocable bond with how we express our inner self online. The fact that it just takes a picture with some lines on it, to craft an entire story. With so little information on it, you get a whirlpool of emotions you find yourself riding on. That is what memes have done to us, we get an additive to the emotions we try to express. Even the Oxford Dictionary describes the word ‘meme’ as an image, video / gif or text that are humorous and spread through the internet rapidly. We should enjoy laughter more and others should indulge in other healthy practises. Learn more about how medical marijuana can be good for you. 

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7 Sentences That Can Change the Way You See Life

7 Sentences That Can Change the Way You See Life

Life lessons don’t have to be written in the form of books and manuscripts. Even one sentence, or who knows, even a word can teach you something crazy that will stick with you for the rest of your life. Here are 10 sentences that I read somewhere and could not get over. Not only were they very motivational and inspiring for me as a young struggler, they showed me a reality that I was never able to see on my own.

Some  of them may be enlightening while some may come as a shock but all of them can drastically change your life for the good if you allow them to.

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What We Know About Sleepwalking and How to Curb It

What We Know About Sleepwalking and How to Curb It

The way that sleepwalking is portrayed in television and the big screen is a very prejudiced approach to what people often associate with sleepwalkers. They are generally left for people with a disturbed mental awareness and worse is often shown with the perpetual straight arms parallel to the ground (imitating a zombie!)

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Top 5 Zombies Movies You Cannot Miss

Top 5 Zombies Movies You Cannot Miss

You secretly can’t wait for a zombie apocalypse to happen because you know exactly what you will do? Well, same. Watching zombie movies has prepared all of us for the zombie apocalypse that 99.99% won’t ever happen but the 0.01% possibility enthralls us thoroughly. That is why zombie apocalypse movies are so popular as people watch them with a lot of thrill and excitement. There is something so uniquely stimulating about watching humans fight these rabid brain eating creatures on the big screen while we are sitting comfortably in the safety of our homes or the theatre. 

For all these zombie freaks who cannot get enough of these zombie apocalypse movies, we have a selection of the best 10 zombie movies of all time. 

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Lifestyle Changes You Can Adopt For Improving Your Overall Health

Lifestyle Changes You Can Adopt For Improving Your Overall Health

A healthy lifestyle is linked with engrossing in activities that improve your overall well being. Critical health numbers such as, blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and body weight are taken into account which ensures sound health.

However, living a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always come easy. And demands consistent efforts and lifestyle changes in order to receive long term effects. Things like the best delta-8 carts can only help that much.

It’s hard to break habits sometimes, but taking one step at a time to build a healthy routine would add up over time.

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4 Genuine Must Know Benefits of Water Softening

Process of water softening

One of the best ways to protect water streams from pollution is by keeping the source safe. In cities, litter and other trash sweep through the cracks and enter water bodies. Litter from yards and streets flow into nearby drains during rains. As a result, the chemicals and other pollutants cause harm to the environment and water. That’s just one case, the groundwater contains calcium, magnesium and other elements. Resulting in hard water, this reduces the lifetime of water pipes, causes white spots on dishes and clothes and causes various health problems. 

Metal ions like calcium and magnesium can lead to galvanic corrosion. That is why industries use the best water softener plants, it’s a process of removing calcium and magnesium from water. 

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Post Lockdown Care Tips For Dog Owners

The COVID-19 lockdown has been hard on everyone, including our dogs. They may love spending all day with you but it has for sure put a lot of pressure on them as well. No long walks, no socializing with other animals and no playdates at the dog parks. Considering that this is what their normal life looks like, it has been a struggle for your pets indeed. 

But dogs are a creature of habit. After more than 4 months of lockdown, they have become accustomed to the change in their routine. But now the restrictions are being lifted and the world is getting back to its normal pace. You’ll have to get back to work and your dog will be able to chase the birds again all the while COVID-19 still lingers in the streets. So brace yourselves for another change. Now, you have to be more careful than ever with your dogs, for the sake of their health as well as yours. So here are a few tips that will help you start the post lockdown journey with your pet carefully. 

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