5 Most Recognisable Memes on the Internet

5 Most Recognisable Memes on the Interne

Memes form an irrevocable bond with how we express our inner self online. The fact that it just takes a picture with some lines on it, to craft an entire story. With so little information on it, you get a whirlpool of emotions you find yourself riding on. That is what memes have done to us, we get an additive to the emotions we try to express. Even the Oxford Dictionary describes the word ‘meme’ as an image, video / gif or text that are humorous and spread through the internet rapidly. We should enjoy laughter more and others should indulge in other healthy practises. Learn more about how medical marijuana can be good for you. 

The advent of the internet brought the possibility of connecting to an incredibly large and ever rising audience. As we progressed further, we made it increasingly easier for us to reach out to more and more people. If you have ever visited any discussion website like reddit, 4chan or buzzfeed too, you will see how there are tons of new memes pouring into the internet. It’s like the internet was made for memes to be seen and distributed everywhere. 

Here we have 5 of the most popular and iconic memes that have been on the internet ever. 

Shut up and Take My Money

Futturama has a special corner in the hearts of people and it sure was reflected by how outrageously significant futurama had become in pop culture. Popping up from out of nowhere, futurama swept everyone by surprise. After delivery boy Fry falls into an open cryo-sleep chamber, he gets defrosted in 2999 in what is now New New New York City. In this sixth season grab, Fry is in line to buy an “eye-phone” and just wants the cashier to take the money and stop explaining the features of the phone to him. 

Success Kid

In the fledgling days of the meme culture, Success Kid was a resounding success. His determined face, that strong fist and a “I did it” look takes the cake. This little kid was everywhere, with all sorts of trippy backgrounds to make him a household meme name and face.

That Escalated Quickly

Ever felt the need to just reflect back and see that you could have toned down things a bit? It is a favorite to use when you feel that things just went out of hands quicker than earlier anticipated. This meme is from a moment in the Anchorman movie from 2004. Will Ferrell and co work in a news channel and things take an unprecedented turn when a scuttle between different news channels goes awry. All in comic relief, of course, things escalate way too quickly when people went bananas for this meme. Message boards, social network and blog sites were riddled with this Will Farrell meme which is still used to reflect situations that just lose their grip. 

Elon Musk

There have been many memes that the tech genius entrepreneur Elon Musk has been in throughout the years. But the one that tops the list is one where the billionaire is seen smoking in a 2018 podcast with celebrity host Joe Rogan. 

His expressions and body language have been used many times to suggest a sense of suspicion against the most common of all things. Rogan has been a constant advocate and propagator of marijuana and CBD. 

The Most Interesting Man in the World

From being in a Dos Equis beer commercial in 2008 to being the most recognised meme of all time, Jonathan Goldsmith got some extra publicity. The most interesting man meme features Goldsmith as a well dressed gentleman and gained public interest in the early 2010s. This meme is the originator of the “I don’t always do this, but when I do that happens” and is still rampant even after a decade.